Hey heyyy, girlfriend!

Just needed to pop a line to ya real quick and say…

You’re freakin’ amazing.

You’re working hard and loving your life.

But something still feels kinda off.

And you’re not sure what it is.

All you know is this isn’t it.

And that life can be even better.

So what would it take to make it extraordinary?

Cuz you know deep down that there’s gotta be something more…

You just need the tools to get you there.

And we’re here to help you live that extraordinary life.

Because when you’re fulfilled, you can change the world.

Welcome to Rehumanize Me.

-Kimberly & Kelly, RHM Founders




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  • Identify mental or physical blocks that limit you and convert them into tools to enable growth.

  • Reconnect with your deepest values and priorities and find concrete ways to knit them into your life.

  • Unleash your wildest dreams about how you want to live and set strategic steps to get there.


You’ll learn:

  • The 3 G’s of Money Dis-ease

  • How to Turn Money Limitations into Money Magic

  • 5 Epic Money & Abundance Rituals

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