At Rehumanize Me, we help you ignite your dreams so that you can create a life in which you thrive.


Since 2015, we’ve sought to uncover the common ground in humanity, and what did we find? You. Your dreams. Your desire to be fulfilled. Your need to live a happy, purposeful life.

Since every human that ever lived strives for these things, Rehumanize Me was officially established in 2017 with a mission of helping you ignite your wildest dreams so you can live a thriving & extraordinary life.

So what if we told you you can love your life, every second of it. You can make the most of this life without stretching for time, money, or other finite resources. You can have a meaningful career that fulfills you on a deeper level. You can explore new opportunities, feel energized daily, and have a zest for life.You can feel alive.


The one thing all lovers of life have in common is that they follow their dreams. No matter what. No amount of obstacles can get in their way and they will not settle for "ok".  They do everything with heart, hustle, and have sharp insight into knowing their strengths and making the most of their resources.


And that's what we're going to help you do, too. On whatever path it is that you wish to follow.

  • You’ll learn to recognize and harness your strengths, passions, and resources and turn them into something truly incredible.

  • You’ll connect the (currently invisible) dots to get from where you are to where you want to be.

  • You’ll start to see that you’re capable of so much more than you realize or what they tell you.

And you’ll love the journey, too.


Because life’s just one big adventure. And it’s a terrible waste not to treat it like one.

If you’re ready for total transformation, buckle up. Because life’s about to get incredibly fun. No matter where you are at this moment, we know that you can have the life you want.


Why you?

We are all interconnected and if one of us isn't fulfilled by our daily life, we are all affected. Every thought, intention, emotion, and action truly affects the well-being of all. So you want to change the world? Make sure you are shooting for your dreams. 

You didn't come here to settle, and we won't let you. Let's think about your daily emotions. Which are most common? If you feel monotony, anger, frustration, and sadness most of the time, it is inevitable that this will negatively affect the community around you and your future. If you feel elated, inspired, and motivated the majority of the time, you are going to be creating such a positive impact!

You know there's something more, but you feel stuck and like your ignoring your true dreams and calling. What is your gift to the world? What lights you up? Let's delve deep into these questions and more to create a life in which you thrive where you are doing what you love. And isn't that already changing the world?

Remember, if you empower yourself to live an extraordinary life, you empower other people to do the same. This chain reaction is what we call change.

So join the dreamers out there who know life’s about so much more than ordinary thinkers will have you believe. Click here to start creating your best life, now.

“It all starts with you. If we are not putting our passion into our life, how can we expect to create a better world?

— Allison Yates, Co-Founder