2 Techniques to Make Sure Your Resolution Sticks this Time

Man, New Year’s Eve is such a long ways away. I’ve got about a month and a half and two major holidays to celebrate still. That’s a lot of time!

But then again, with Black Friday creeping up (watch out gravity blanket here I come), vegan cookie baking to do (maybe that’s just me…LOL), and tacky x-mas sweater parties to attend (my favorite part) I know deep down that New Year’s is just around the corner. Along with its partner in crime: the dreaded, get thin, rich, and happy resolution season.

Who coupled this with the momentum of the hedonistic holiday season? Someone who clearly wants to sabotage your success. It’s almost hilarious. But it’s not gonna happen this time. Here’s what you can do to prepare for your best year yet.

1. List out the top three things you want in the coming year.

And be specific! What do you really want? A raise at your job? For how much? Want more time off to travel? How much time do you want? And where would you go? You want to lose weight? What’s your magic number?

Remember, you can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t know exactly what you want. PLUS, how will you know that you’ve reached your goal if you don't put a measurable stat on it? You can never really cross off this resolution: “Get fit.” (What does that even mean???) But if you put “Have an average resting heart rate of 60 BPM by March,” then you’re golden.

2. Pick one thing you want to start working towards NOW.

People say it takes around 60 days to build a habit that you’ll stick with. If you start meditating every morning in January, that means you’ll have to wait until early March for it to become second nature. But if you start now? It’ll be down pat by mid-January.

Why? Once a car’s momentum gets going, you don’t have to press the gas pedal as much. So start revving your engine up right now and you’ll cruise into the New Year with a resolution that’s already easy to achieve and to stick with.

That wasn’t so hard was it? Remember, the more fun you have with this, the easier it’ll be. So whatever you decide to work towards now, have loads of fun!

Kimberly Lucht is the founder & CEO of Rehumanize Me. She loves helping women bring their dreams to LIFE. Click here to get her weekly e-mails and free e-book.