Filling Your Cup

Love is a hot commodity, but these days can seem scarce, regardless of whether you're single or not. Perhaps you feel like your love is precious and should only be conserved for those that are most worthy to receive it. Or maybe you give too much love and tend to receive very little. 


Well, much like the fountain of life, love is infinite and ever-flowing, but it all has to start with you filling your cup. Here are some ideas to kickstart your celebration of (self)-love this year. 


1. Write Yourself a Love Letter

As corny as it sounds, you will probably want to frame it afterwards. Make it cheesy, make it over the top, profess your love to yourself. Because absolutely no one can love you more than you! You know yourself best after all! 

Remember to throw love on all your flaws, imperfections, and anything you have insecurities about. You are the only you in the universe, so everything that makes you unique should be celebrated.


2. Call a Friend on Valentine's Day

And profess your love to them. Tell them how much they mean to you. How much you love how they always spill food on themselves or how they snort when they laugh. If you want to channel your inner actress and go into soliloquy mode, you can politely ask them to let you have the floor for a full five minutes. Just you telling them how much you love them. If they feel so compelled, they can go next!


3. Treat Yourself to a Solo Date Night

Let's face it. No matter how much Beyonce you play, Valentine's Day can be gloomy for those single ladies (and gentlemen). But it's not too late to turn it into your favorite day of the year! If you're single or not, make it a point to give yourself a solo date night sometime this week. 

How can you take yourself on a date? Here are some ideas.

  • Taking a one-hour long salt or bubble bath with lighted candles all around you.

  • Going to the movies or out to dinner by yourself.

  • Driving to the middle of nowhere and watching the stars.

  • Creating a dream board for your 2018 goals.

  • Doing absolutely nothing. Literally just sitting in bed staring into space.


Whatever you choose to do, make sure it doesn't become a task. This is your chance to let go. No obligations. No people to tend to. Just you. While you're at it, you might as well make it a monthly ritual to take yourself on a date. The more you fill your cup, the more you'll be able to give!


Kimberly Lucht is the founder & CEO of Rehumanize Me. She loves helping women bring their dreams to LIFE. Click here to get her weekly e-mails and free e-book.