This is for the dreamers...

When it comes to building dreams, our perception of what we want can get a little fuzzy. "Do I really want that promotion or do I just want an ego boost?" "Is traveling the world really going to make me happy or just get me a lot of Instagram likes?" 

Well this back and forth indecision is the reason I got so excited by these nail-it-on-the-head dream building techniques. I am DEFINITELY using them from now on:


1. Find ways to please your 5 year old self AND your 85 year old self.


WOW. When my friend mentioned this technique to me the other day, I was blown away at how simple, yet how effective, it really is.


What will you regret most when you’re 85? Never going to Thailand? Never taking time to sell your amazing artwork? Never having the guts to say goodbye to a lifestyle that you know wasn’t allowing you to becoming your most fulfilled self?


Then on the flip side, what things brought you the most joy when you were 5? Some of the answers might continue to bring you that same whimsical joy today (yes mashing up play-doh is still one of my favorite pastimes, oh yeah and dancing around my room like a freak).


2. List out all the things you’d do if money, time, or the “realistic” factor was not an issue.


Grab a sheet of paper and go wild. What would you do if you didn’t have to pay bills, rent, or keep your Netflix subscription running? Let your imagination run free.


After you’ve done that take a look at where your idealism has led you. Is there an underlying theme?


Now let’s get creative with it. In what ways can you start weaving more of that theme into your daily life?


3. Do you, boo boo.


My favorite technique. At the end of the day, no one really cares what you do, unless you’re a serial that case, please get help.


Generally, people are too busy worrying about their own lives. So don’t worry about what other people might think of you if you decide to pick up and move or if you are making social sacrifices to follow your dreams. Remember: Sometimes making your dreams come true means saying no to things you WANT to do (goodbye happy hour). 

But as long as it's worth it for you in the long run, keep your eyes on the prize, get your priorities in check, and let the blossoming begin. There's no rush. Slow and steady wins the race.

Which techniques are you going to try out? Reply and let me know which one's your favorite :) 

Kimberly Lucht is the founder & CEO of Rehumanize Me. She loves helping women bring their dreams to LIFE. Click here to get her weekly e-mails and free e-book.