3 Signs You Have a Business Inside of You

You know what the best part about cheap flights is?

That when I see them, I don't even have to check in with my boss.

I don't have to see how many vacation days I have left.

And to be honest, I didn't even know what PTO stood for until a month ago. 

All I do is take one look at my calendar and say GO. 

Ever wish you could do that? Just press the 'BOOK' button without feeling guilty about it later?

I remember wishing that at my old job. I felt super uncomfortable even asking for vacation!

All I wanted was to be able to push CONFIRM PURCHASE and not have anybody ask me any questions about it. Like, "I'm going. That's it."

So when I left that job, I knew I needed my next job to have time & location freedom. Turns out, there's not a lot of jobs that offer that...although the number is growing!

So I created my own freakin' dream job. 

Cuz you know what they say, if it doesn't exist, invent it. 

Have you ever thought of creating your own dream job? 

Of being your own boss? 

Of not having someone else dictate your schedule or life? 

If so, here's 3 signs you've got a business inside of you...

1. Your work is stunting your growth.

When I was at my old job I felt boxed in. Like I could only grow in specific ways, not in the ways that came naturally to me. I was either not learning at all or not learning what I REALLY wanted to learn. I was naturally drawn to leadership and personal development, which I definitely dove into, but learning about other things just made me want to go bleh. Ask yourself, what are the topics that never get boring for you? What are the techniques and tools you want to dive deeper into? Does your current job fit the bill?

2. You think about a career change when you brush your teeth.

My dream of starting my own coaching business was seriously STALKING me. Any moment I had idle time, when I was cooking, cleaning, getting ready for bed, the thought of being my own boss and becoming a coach came into mind. It was relentless! I used to wave it off claiming I already had a dream job, but the thoughts kept prodding because deep down I knew that wasn’t my DREAM. When I started to listen, everything shifted. And here we are today.

3. You know that if you were in charge, you could SERIOUSLY change the world.

I am 100% sure that I am here on planet Earth to make sure your dreams don’t die. Why are you here? What makes you a hero to other people? What do people regularly compliment you on? You’d be surprised what people can make a living from. I’ve seen MASSIVE success for everything from happiness coaches to vegan meal kits to period underwear, I mean come on! There is a market for EVERYTHING now, especially with the internet as a tool! What business idea, whether it’s a product or service, really energizes you?

I’ll ask you again, what idea really excites you?

Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know :)

Kimberly Lucht is the founder & CEO of Rehumanize Me. She loves helping women bring their dreams to LIFE. Click here to get her weekly e-mails and free e-book.