Why I quit my dream job...

I was sitting up in bed in the humid Panama air. It was almost 2am. I couldn’t sleep. 

No amount of tossing and turning could help me avoid the truth: I was gravely unhappy in what was supposed to be my dream job. 

For months, I had felt a tension building up inside of me and I was about to explode.

This tension, this pressure, was my potential tapping me on my back saying,“you were meant for more.”

But how ungrateful was I, to have landed my dream job straight out of college and not be happy? 

My boss was a badass woman that I greatly admired, I got to live abroad, and I was paid to change people’s lives. 

People constantly told me that I was “living the dream” but I never actually felt like it was true. 

And my ego kept trying to persuade me I was in the right place by saying things like this:

"What the hell is wrong with me? People would kill for this job! I should be thankful."

But the more I told myself to be grateful, the deeper I got into a hole of not knowing where to turn.

Because if not this, then what?

If this dream job doesn’t make me happy, what the hell will? Will I ever find my dream within any job?

Ultimately, I knew the answer was no. At least for me. And I came to this realization: “Your dream job doesn't exist. You have to create it.”

I decided I couldn't count on an employer to create my dream job. I was gonna create it myself.

So, I thought back to my college experience and analyzed the different factors that made me thrive…I think it comes down to these three: 

  1. I had ownership over my creative projects.

  2. I felt loved by a unique tribe of artists, creators, and explorers. 

  3. I was surrounded by a diverse range of people studying all sorts of things. 

In that type of environment, I felt like I was on top of the world. And so I knew, if I could somehow replicate it in the “real world”, I might just hit the jackpot.

I focused in on ownership first.

At that point, I was head of an incredible non-profit, but it still wasn’t entirely mine. I didn’t birth it. I didn't create it. Which meant that, no matter how much I cared, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be something that made me happy.

So I experimented with ideas of what could be mine…

Starting my own business kept popping up. Everytime I brushed my teeth, cooked a meal, watched the city pass by on the bus, this thought came in: “You're meant to be a business owner...”

I’ve grown to love this inner voice steering me in the right direction, but at the time I was scared, and even a little angry at it…

I mean, what the hell kind of business would I create? LOL

But as I contemplated what I loved most about my job at the time, it all made sense.

We hosted college-age dancers from the US in Panama about ten times a year, and my favorite part was gathering in a circle at the end of the day and reflecting.

During all our reflections, questions like these would pop up: “What do I do with my life…” “Will I make it as a dancer?” “Is this the right thing to do?” 

I found myself mentoring them, asking them more questions, prompting them to dig deeper...

Mostly because I wanted to serve them in the best way possible, but also because I thrived.

thrived helping them through the uncertainty and the mind fog.

thrived lifting them up and shining a light on their unique talents and gifts.

thrived showing them how much I cared and how much I believed in each and every one of them.

As I narrowed down this “thrive factor”, it dawned on me: 

“Holy shit, I’m a f*cking life coach.”

I was already doing what I was meant to do.

So after leaving that job, I travelled for a year, getting clarity, space to create, and much needed time to breathe.

I didn't exactly feel ready when I got back to the States, but I knew: “It’s now or never.”

So, I plunged right in, and the rest is history.


Now, what about you

  • Are you tired of settling for an 'ok' life when you know deep down you were meant for something more?

  • Wanna eventually leave the job that’s sucking you dry and finally do the thing you absolutely love each and every day?

  • Do you crave financial, creative, and time freedom to do the things you really want to do?

If so, be on the lookout for an email next week about a special surprise I’m putting together for you! 

Hint: I’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes of my first year in business and sharing what it really takes for you to grow the business of your dreams <3 

Until then, Happy Independence Day! And have fun celebrating the best thing in life: freedom.

Kimberly Lucht is the founder & CEO of Rehumanize Me. She loves helping women bring their dreams to LIFE. Click here to get her weekly e-mails and free e-book.